As a long-time member of the APSP, (Association of Pool & Spa Professionals) Liquid Assets Pools has always adhered to their pool safety building guidelines. These safety features are required by the National Electrical Code and are installed for the express purpose of mitigating the likelihood of electrical shocks in and around the pool or spa, regardless of cause.

They include exclusive use of only the most sensitive Class A type ground-fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs), extensive grounding of electrical systems and equipment, and electrical interconnection of all the structural metal in the entire pool or spa structure, the water itself, virtually all metallic equipment or fixtures in and within 5′ of the pool, and all perimeter surfaces (such as a deck or patio) within 3 feet of the inside edge of the pool or spa.

Newer high-tech features, such as low voltage solid-state lighting, low voltage pool covers, etc., also help mitigate the risk of electrical shock around the pool or spa. We adhere to these strict codes because we know it’s your and your family’s safety at stake.

An APSP member like Liquid Assets Pools can help assure that all of your electrical systems are functioning properly in and around your pool.

With the swim season already in full swing, we encourage all pool owners, (if they haven’t already) to have their pool inspected by an APSP professional. We, of course, would be happy to help – but if you’re looking for other APSP members in your area, visit

Bottom line is that the best protection for families is inspection, detection, and correction of electrical hazards in and around swimming pools, hot tubs and spas.

Proper maintenance and upkeep is critical, especially for older pools and spas and equipment, which not only exhibit the effects of age but also were not built to modern standards. Older pools can pose a higher risk of exposure to stray current (regardless of its source) due to wear and tear of existing equipment that may have not been inspected in years.

Aging electrical wiring, damaged underwater lighting in light niches, sump pumps and vacuums that are not grounded, and lack of proper equipotential bonding are all concerns. All of these hazards present an even greater risk if the lighting, circuits, and nearby receptacles are not protected by proper Class A Ground-Fault Circuit-Interrupters (GFCIs) – one of the best safety devices to help prevent electrocution. So don’t take safety for granted. When you think of all the steps you take to assure everyone’s safety when they’re in and around your pool – from no running or no diving to keeping gates closed and glass out of the pool area, why not take an equally important step to make sure your pool is up-to-date and fully in line with all electrical codes?

We’re here to help. To arrange an inspection or to discuss a whole new pool and all that goes with it, call 314-822-SWIM (7946).

Now in our 13th year, Liquid Assets Pools specializes in designing and constructing gunite concrete pools for its customers in central and eastern Missouri, Lake of the Ozarks and southern Illinois.