Why wait until next year when prime time for pool building is right now?

Now that July has come and gone, many people are thinking, “Well, maybe we’ll get our new pool built next year. So maybe we’ll wait until the kids are back in school and the weather turns cold to get those plans in the works.”

Fact is, if you’re thinking about getting a new in-ground pool for next year, the ideal time to start the process is now!

It’s important, though, to know all of the steps involved in the process, beginning with what type of in-ground pool you want. In St. Louis, the overwhelming favorite is concrete. Fiberglass pools are also popular but are somewhat limited in size options while vinyl is considered a cheaper route that also has long-term maintenance issues.

Should you decide to go the concrete route, you’ll have more freedom to explore larger sizes and custom configurations. That’s when you need to call in a professional builder like Liquid Assets Pools. They’ll work with you to help design the ideal pool for your backyard, designing it to fit the space, grade and overall configuration of your yard as well as any other special considerations like tree removal, power lines or buried cable.

They’ll also help you think beyond the pool – taking into consideration landscaping, your pool decking, pergolas or pool houses or simply how to have your pool area become a natural extension of your living quarters the moment you walk out the back door.

That first initial meeting is an important one to help you fully understand the types of timelines involved in the process as well as all of the various cost implications.

Interested in just a pool with some nice decking and some newly landscaped grounds? Even that can be a tough decision. There are poured concrete pool decks, wood decks, paver decks, tile decks, stone decks – what the heck with all these decks!

The key is to have someone who can help you see the big picture and that’s a specialty with Liquid Assets Pools. From working closely with you on initial concepts and designs – to applying for pool building permits – to the actual construction of not just the pool, but everything you want and need to turn your backyard into an outdoor oasis, we can help.

But it all takes time.

You have to get the plans developed and agreed upon. Then you need to apply for the necessary permits and get them approved before construction can begin (anything with a roof like a pool house, pergola or cabana needs a separate building permit).

There are a lot of steps that have to take place before the fun really begins – spreading the gunite!

Perhaps now you understand just how long of a process this can be. Act now, and you can get it all in the works – and maybe even get construction underway before the weather turns cold. That will help assure that your new pool will be ready once warm weather comes around next spring.

So what are you waiting for? Call Liquid Assets Pools at 314-822-SWIM today!

Now in our 13th year, Liquid Assets Pools specializes in designing and constructing gunite concrete pools for its customers in central and eastern Missouri, Lake of the Ozarks and southern Illinois.