Project Description

A great way to take a ‘dead’ location in the backyard and turn it into a ‘living’ space is to add a beautiful pool house, pool/spa and patio area.

The homeowners had always dreamed of having a ‘kid-friendly’ outdoor area with a pool house/covered porch area where the children could take a break from the hot summer sun.

The 12-month pool house features a pass-through bar with easy access to the kitchen from the pool deck.  The fireplace and bar utilize the same stone used around the pool and spa areas.

The pre-fabricated spa from Aspen Spas, is counter-sunk into the pool deck and surrounded by a stone wall made from rich brown, orange and beige Missouri limestone.  The spa wall features a series of sheer descent waterfalls that spill onto a large, built-in bench area inside the pool.

There’s a large seating area immediately outside of the home with stone steps leading down to the pool where the oversized pool steps allow for easy transition into the pool for young children.

Put it all together and there’s plenty of room for play and to entertain for young and old alike.