Project Description

The homeowners were looking for a way to connect their house, stable and garage structures with a pool plan which would fit their natural setting in the hills of Wildwood.

Borrowing from the look of the house as well as the natural setting of the surrounding area, Liquid Assets developed an inviting pool design and pool area featuring lush landscaping, rock formations and a special finish that gave the pool water a ‘shiny’ brook look.

The cabana was raised from the pool deck to help set it apart from the pool area and features a pitched roof that mirrors the roof of the main house. Curtains can be pulled between the support columns for added privacy.

Shawnee flagstone was used for the pool coping/edging as well as for covering the tan shelf and pool steps.  One of the large rocks surrounding the pool even made it into the pool itself, creating a small seat on the tanning ledge. A landscaped berm was placed around the pool to provide a natural season-long prairie effect to the landscaping and a fountain jet adds a great look and soothing sounds to the overall natural design.