Add A Splash To Your Pool With Custom Water Features.

Water features bring your pool to life. They captivate you with beautiful visual effects, and they relax you with the serene sound of flowing water. On top of these aesthetic benefits, water features also improve your pool’s circulation and can facilitate healthy exercise.

Swimming Machines

Bubblers / Fountains

Jet Sprays


Sheer Descents

Swimming machines generate a current in your pool for swimming in place, transforming your pool into a lifelong health center. Liquid Assets Pools is proud to be a certified dealer for Endless Pools’ Fastlane.
Fountains are classic water features that shoot water vertically into the air, then let it fall freely back down into the pool with a delightful, soothing splash.

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Jet sprays are a modern variation on the classical fountain concept. Usually positioned at a pool’s edges, jet sprays shoot a thin stream of water in a graceful arc, providing a dynamic visual effect.

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Waterfalls bring the beauty of nature to your pool, with channels of water trickling, streaming, or coursing down custom rock formations into the pool basin.

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Sheer descents are elegant, architected waterfalls that create a smooth “wall of water,” adding a very contemporary look to your pool.

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